Planning your Post-COVID Family Holiday

When I think back on winter holidays in the Limpopo Province, two distinct memories warms my heart. The first is of me coming home from the hostel on Friday and taking a stroll through our small citrus orchid, picking one sunset-colored orange after the next, eating them as I walk until I could no longer take the cold that caught hold of my wet sticky fingers.

The second is of my dad who would randomly announce that it’s time to braai. Usually hours after we’ve already had dinner. Mom would quickly defrost a roll of boerewors while we all stood around the fire, watching the flames crackle and dance. Crickets and night owls in the background, the three sisters winking at us from above and the smell of grass floating on the evening chill. We would chat about nothing in particular until we could devour the wors (directly from the grill) with Mrs. Balls’ company.

I have a desperate longing for a family get-together and I know thousands of people feel the same way. It is predicted that the opening of domestic travel will see a surge in family holidays across South Africa. With so many people being isolated from loved ones, they will take the first available opportunity to pack up, hit the road, and go visit family and friends. People have this urge to be united, and the domestic tourism industry will be ready with accommodation specials to attract these guests.

Family Enjoying Safari at Mulati Tented Camp

You’ll have lots of options, so we’ve composed 5 tips to consider when you’re planning your Post-COVID family holiday:

  1. Safety

Make sure the accommodation you choose adheres to the Covid-19 safety practices as required by our Government Healthcare regulations. Sanitizing regularly and effectively, as well as proper safety precautions by staff such as wearing masks and following social distancing rules apply.

  1. Cancellation policy

Yes, we’re excited because of lowered lockdown levels, but no-one knows in which direction we’ll be going tomorrow. Some businesses have approached a “book now, change your mind later” strategy which helps to tip the scale of uncertain travelers. Be on the lookout for accommodation that has a sound but compassionate cancellation policy in place.

  1. Activity level

While you’ve been locked up at home, some with bored children, some more frustrated than others, you’re bound to seek some level of activity. For those from the city, sleeping in a luxury tent and being out in the open, might be enough. Others will want the thrill of an exciting adventure to get their blood flowing again. Keep in mind that some activities might still be prohibited, so ask the manager about activities on offer, to avoid disappointment and arrive prepared.

  1. Catering
    Maybe you are fed up with your own cooking and would much rather choose being served 3 meals a day or maybe you want the whole family to partake in the fun of cooking and for that, you’ll need a communal kitchen and dining area.
  2. Accommodation

Take into consideration affordability; the level of luxury and location. How much money can you spend, how much time do you have for this holiday and how far are you willing to travel (consider how far other friends and family who will join you might have to travel as well). Do you need to be pampered at a luxury 5-star lodge to be relieved of stress, or do you crave an encampment setting which allows for close contact with nature, late-night conversations around a fire with marshmallows, a tin of condensed milk and an impending pot of bitter coffee brewing in the coals?

Family Space at Mulati Tented Camp

Whatever your needs, somewhere there is a perfect spot for your first Post-COVID family holiday. We recommend the bushveld, it is our first love. not only for its rich biodiversity and breath-taking scenery but also for the hospitality that warms you from the inside out.

We urge you to once again become enthusiastic about domestic travel and start shopping for your long-awaited family holiday. Be on the lookout for special offers, and stay updated on the rules and regulations of the associated lockdown level. Above all, be safe and keep healthy.

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